Join us on 17 – 18 September for a free family crime trail around Norwich – part of Noirwich Crime Writing Festival. Simply pick up your map and instructions at the Forum to start the adventure! In this blog piece, its creator, Isabelle King, explains a bit about the story of the trail and how to get involved.

Queen Elizabeth I is visiting Norwich and expects a nice, expensive gift for her arrival. The Mayor of Norwich has the perfect present ready: a magnificent silver cup and some golden coins, fit for a Queen!

But what’s this? The cup and coins appear to be missing…someone must have stolen them! What pesky vagabond would do such a thing? 

The Mayor of Norwich charges you, families, with the task of solving the crime, discovering the robber and retrieving the cup and coins….before the Queen arrives! All good detectives win a prize!

It’s very exciting to be organising this trail in collaboration with Writers’ Centre Norwich. Tudor Norwich sets the scene for an atmospheric ‘whodunnit’ adventure. The story is also based on a real historical event as Queen Elizabeth I did, indeed, visit Norwich in 1578 and expected nothing less than a glorious gift and a wonderful time.

The trail starts at the Forum, where you can pick up your map and instructions. Follow the map throughout the city centre which will direct you to clues displayed in shop windows. Piece together the clues which will spell out the name of the culprit – oh, and lead the way to where they have hidden the Queen’s lovely gift! Specific instructions will be on the map.

The trail is timed at roughly 30 minutes but, of course, you can walk it at your own pace.

Rumour has it that, at the end of the trail, you will receive a certificate along with a fabulous selfie opportunity and a tasty treat. You may even find out some information about the robber in question – someone well known to Norwich!

Well, now, I think I’ve told you all that can possibly be revealed without giving the game away. All that’s left to be said is that, although the historical characters featured in the trail are real, the crime is fictional; made up for fun!

I do very much hope you enjoy the trail!


About Isabelle

Isabelle is the founder of Social Enterprise, Books Talk Back, supported by The Prince’s Trust; interactive literary events which support and showcase new writing. She is the author of a children’s book ‘The Norfolk Story Book’ which celebrates local history. Endorsed by Norfolk Museums Service, the book is due for release October 2016. For more information about the book and events visit and/or