Chapters unveiled
The Story Machine creates 18 journeys – which will you choose?

Bought your ticket to The Story Machine: Under Surveillance? The literature event of 2017 takes place this week – spanning five chapters, eight stories and 18 potential journeys for you to take.

Read the stories beforehand, browse the themed drinks available at the bar and be prepared to participate!

‘City of Spectres’ – Bandi, translated by Deborah Smith

 />It is National Day. State surveillance is everywhere. A mother tries to protect her child amidst the all-pervasive propaganda that is fast becoming the very stuff of her child’s nightmares. Some audience participation.</p>
<p><em>Main Hall (Chapter 1)<br />
Drink suggestion: Soju<br />
Presented by: Kate Cox,  Vanessa Maguire, Elisabeth Stothers<br />
Voice-over: Joanna Swan. Director:  Adina Levay</em></p>
<h3>‘Rehearsal Room’ – KJ Orr</h3>
<p><img decoding=Download the full Story Machine programme here. Copies will be handed out on the night

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