Introducing the mentees selected for the Emerging Translator Mentorships 2024!

Our mentees will receive six months of personal mentoring. They will also be awarded a £800 stipend to cover expenses associated with the mentorship, such as travel. The mentorship will include various online industry events with tailored training events and talks, a feature at International Translation Day and attendance of London Book Fair with a networking day at NCW’s headquarters at Dragon Hall in Norwich.

At the end of the six months, the mentees’ work will be celebrated in a concluding digital showcase, when a print and digital anthology with samples of the mentees’ translations will also be published, to further amplify the translators’ work.

Scroll down to find out more about the latest cohort of emerging translators.

Meet the Mentees

Khadija Aidoo (Mentee: Québec French, mentored by Sarah Ardizzone)

A headshot of mentee Khadija Aidoo. She smiles directly at the camera, wearing big hoops and a blue zip-up top. She stands in front of a plain white background.Khadija Aidoo is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in French. Born and raised in London and with a Ghanaian background, she has always been surrounded by diverse languages and been fascinated by their interplay. She has been especially interested in cross-cultural communication and the relevant considerations for this process. This has naturally made her gravitate towards translation. She enjoys the challenge of undoing the knots of language and conveying these specific and often highly nuanced messages across languages, particularly in the genre of literary fiction.

(c) Ishmael Aidoo | IA Creative Design


Rilla Melati Bahri (Mentee: Malay, mentored by Jeremy Tiang)

A headshot of Rilla Melati Bahri. She sits in front of a wall of books, hands in her lap. Her hands lay in her lap. Rilla blends entertainment and education in her work as the founder of Mini Monsters Limited, an educational company that publishes books and develops cross media content for children. As an author of children’s books, she has won the Anugerah Persuratan (Literary Award) in 2018 and 2021 from the National Arts Council and is the translator of the Malay edition of The Crane & The Crab, a picture book written by Singapore’s 6th president, the late Mr S R Nathan. Rilla is also a local television personality with MediaCorp Suria and is an adjunct lecturer with the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC). She is presently based in Singapore.


Charlotte Goff (Mentee: Japanese, mentored by Polly Barton)

A headshot of Charlotte Goff. In the background you can see some metal and a yellow pole.Charlotte lived in Japan for five years, where she learned Japanese and started to get into contemporary Japanese literature. She has grown increasingly interested in literary translation since returning to the UK: reading and writing regularly in Japanese and English, and translating Japanese literature samples on a freelance basis alongside her full-time work for a charity in the VAWG sector. She is excited to begin the mentorship with Polly Barton, and hopes to work on a text which explores ideas around family, bereavement, and work culture in Japan.


Alex Mepham (Mentee: D/deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent Mentorship, mentored by Khairani Barokka)

Headshot of Emerging Translator Mentee Alex Mepham. Alex smiles slightly at the camera, wearing glasses. They are positioned against a background of greenery.Alex Mepham is a writer and translator based in York, UK. Alex translates poems from Scandinavian languages and has had translations of the Norwegian poet Gunvor Hofmo featured in Modern Poetry in Translation x Dead [Women] Poets Society. Alex was awarded the 2023 Northern Debut Award for Poetry by New Writing North, and has had various poems and creative non-fiction published in print and online journals including Magmafourteen poems, Full Bleed, and Ink Sweat & Tears. Alex is also the Poetry Editor at Queerlings. More of Alex’s work can be found at and on Twitter @am3pham.

(c) Rob Irish / New Writing North


Joheun Lee (Mentee: Korean, mentored by Clare Richards)

A headshot of Joheun Lee. She smiles at the camera, wearing a white top. Behind her you can see two windows and a distant balcony through one of them. Joheun Lee (Jo) is an aspiring literary translator from Korea who has been working as a Korean-to-English freelance translator for several commercial projects. A long-time fan of K-pop and many other subcultures, she finds herself drawn to the works on related topics and speculative fiction, especially by women and queer writers. A UX Designer by day, Jo now lives with her partner and two cats in Shanghai, China.

(c) Joheun Lee


Nasim Luczaj (Mentee: Polish, mentored by Sean Gasper Bye)

A headshot of Nasim Luczaj. She looks at the camera, one hand under her chin. Behind her is a mantelpiece with an array of plants sitting on it.

Nasim Luczaj is a poet and translator between Polish and English. She translates, transcreates and proofreads a wide range of texts, from academic articles and product descriptions to film scripts. Her translations of contemporary Polish poets have appeared in The Atlanta Review. She grew up in the Carpathians and is now based between Glasgow and London, where she is studying for an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

(c) Nasim Luczaj


Sean McDonagh (Mentee: Italian, mentored by Elena Pala)

A headshot of Sean McDonagh. He smiles at the camera, wearing a white top. Trees and a picnic table can be seen in the background. Sean McDonagh is a literary translator and publishing professional from Birmingham, living in Milan. He translates from Italian to English, and he is currently studying Irish. He attended the Warwick Translates summer school, and he has been a member of the Emerging Translators Network committee. His translations and reviews have appeared in MAYDAY Magazine, Literary Hub, Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation, Asymptote, and Morocco Bound Review.

(c) Sean McDonagh


Tayiba Sulaiman (Mentee: Swiss German, mentored by Jamie Lee Searle)

A headshot of Tayiba Sulaiman. She sits on a bench against a white wall, looking into the camera. She wears hijab and a dark blue top. Tayiba Sulaiman translates between German and English, and has just graduated with a degree in English and Modern Languages from St Hilda’s College, Oxford. She also writes: she won the Eugene Lee-Hamilton Poetry Competition in 2021. Her work has most recently been read at the 23. poesiefestival berlins and at the White Rose Translation Project’s 2023 event, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the first arrests of the anti-Nazi resistance group. She lives and works in Manchester.

(c) Tayiba Sulaiman


Victoria Issa Yacoub (Mentee: Arabic, mentored by Sawad Hussain)

A headshot of Victoria Yacoub. She smiles, looking directly at the camera. She wears a floral top. Behind her are a couple of paintings, one mostly out of view and one of a grey bird beating its wings against a purple canvas, and a bookshelf with three rows of books and small figurines lining it.Victoria Yacoub is a writer and translator based in Amman, Jordan. She is an aspiring literary translator who works between Arabic and English. She translated short stories and poems, and recently a full-length novel. She had worked as a media analyst, primarily focused on translating Middle Eastern news media, and doing research on political, economic, and humanitarian issues.

(c) Victoria Yacoub

The Emerging Translator Mentorships Programme is supported by Arts Council England, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities at UCLA and Waseda University, the Literary Translation Institute of Korea, the Polish Cultural Institute, the Québec Government Office in London, the National Arts Council Singapore, ProHelvetia and the Society of Authors.