Translation in schools

We are working with several partners on initiatives to encourage translation and celebrate multilingualism in schools. The art, craft and business of translation is a central part of our work at NCW, and we’re excited to be developing projects with partners to bring this insight to young people.


Creative Translation Ambassadors

A partnership with the Queen’s College Translation Exchange, Oxford, the British Centre for Literary Translation and the National Centre for Writing, training university students to run translation workshops in schools.


The kids really enjoyed themselves, particularly having a chance to use and celebrate their own languages in the classroom. It was great for the students to see where their language skills could take them.

Isabella Pattinson, Notre Dame High School librarian

Multilingual Creators

A creative translation training programme led by the Stephen Spender Trust, the UK’s leading charity for multilingual creativity in schools. The partners are National Centre for Writing, New Writing North and Comma Press. It is co-funded by these organisations, Arts Council England and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The partners are working with 12 translators and writers in Newcastle upon Tyne, Greater Manchester and Norwich who have been trained to deliver a blended course of workshops for young people in their region on the theme of ‘Me and My City’.

‘Me and My City’ will see young participants producing and sharing pieces of translation and creative writing that incorporate the languages spoken by them and their communities, as well as those they are learning at school.

Multilingual Creators builds on over a decade of education programmes at the Stephen Spender Trust, comprising Translation Nation, Translators in Schools and Creative Translation in the Classroom. To find out more about this work, please visit