Exploring and Writing Poetry for 5 to 11 years (Key Stage 1 and 2)

Commissioned by Young Norfolk Arts and the National Centre for Writing as part of the Young Norfolk Arts Festival 2020, ‘The Wish’ is a poem designed to be accessible for Primary age children. This resource has been designed to support KS1/2 teachers in the teaching of reading and writing poetry in the classroom. It contains sample exercises that you can use in your own classrooms, as well as extension activities for older or more capable students.

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LightbulbCreative writing prompts

Each of our simple creative writing prompts is designed to give ideas for stories, develop characters, explore point of view, kickstart dialogue or respond to a text creatively. We hope you find our selection useful and inspiring, and if not, please tell us! If you have any creative prompts you’d like to share to add to the list please email learning@nationalcentreforwriting.org.uk

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The Fiercest Light – war poetry resource pack

‘The Fiercest Light’ was co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War Centenary, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, and Writers’ Centre Norwich (now the National Centre for Writing) following the ‘Fierce Light’ project that premiered in May 2016.

The resource pack contains:

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To request a free physical copy of the resource pack, please email learning@nationalcentreforwriting.org.uk. (Please note: postal orders for merchandise are currently suspended. We will endeavour to post any items ordered as soon as possible but please be mindful that this may take a few weeks.)

Further creative writing activity packs for use in the classroom and home-schooling are coming soon. These include activities based around Norwich as a UNESCO City of Literature and resources featuring contemporary writers.

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