Writing Science Fiction: World Building

Sign up for Ian Nettleton’s brilliant online course on world building within science fiction

As part of our Early Career Writers’ Resource Pack on World Building, we invite you to sign up for a free, self-paced online course hosted by Ian Nettleton.

All stories need good settings but science fiction has its own unique and particular needs, whether you’re writing in the past, an alternative present or the far future. This course guides you through classic sci-fi settings and explores ways to craft your own.

By the end of the course you’ll know:

  • How to use your setting to reflect and reveal your characters
  • How to use the mundane to your advantage
  • The difference between world building and exposition
  • What separates after the catastrophe from enclosed habitats
  • Why verisimilitude is key to any science fiction story


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Want to keep learning?

If you enjoy studying Ian’s ‘World building’ course, there’s additional modules focusing on character, point of view, plotting and endings.

Part 2: Characters & Point of view – £75

Part 3: Plotting & endings – £75

You can get the whole course in a special bundle for £125, saving you £25.