Kieron Gillen on world building: ‘All of writing is a magic trick’

On the podcast discussing The Wicked + The Divine, Eternals, Star Wars and much more!

Multi-award-winning comics writer Kieron Gillen joins us on the pod today to discuss his methods for world building.

Kieron is perhaps best known for The Wicked + The Divine, the hugely ambitious collaboration with artist Jamie McKelvie which presents a pantheon of gods who happen to also be pop stars, as well as UBER, Phonogram, DIE, Once & Future and Ludocrats. Beyond his own books he’s also worked extensively with Marvel on X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and with LucasFilm on Darth Vader and Star Wars books. In the interview we explore the different challenges and opportunities of writing for established franchises compared to your own work, and how he approaches research and making things feel ‘real’ in fantasy stories. We spoke to Kieron just as he had been revealed as the writer on The Eternals, the return of a long-running series from Marvel.

This episode is part of our Early Career Writers’ Resource Pack on World Building, which also features insight and tips from Abi Daré, Farhana Shaikh and Ian Nettleton. These packs are made possible by support from Arts Council England. Discover more →

Hosted by Stephanie McKenna and Simon Jones, who is barely able to contain his excitement.

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Music by Bennet Maples.