Amelia joined our Young Ambassador programme for 2018. Ambassadors get behind-the-scenes passes to festivals and events as well as opportunities to interview writers and artists. Ambassadors are assigned a mentor to help them identify and reach their own goals. Find out more about the programme here.

Being a Young Ambassador has been a fantastic experience. I have learnt so many new skills. One of the main things I have gained from the experience is a much greater understanding of the arts and opportunities within it. During the programme I was available to try a variety of different roles: communications, event planning and programming. The arts sector is not an area in which careers are really publicised. This experience has really given me a lot of insight into possible careers.

The programme has also given me the chance to apply my love of creative writing in a practical way. One of the highlights of the programme for me was helping to create and run a creative writing competition. I really enjoyed being able to promote the center to a wider audience.

I have also gained new skills. I found working in a group with my fellow ambassadors really beneficial as it definitely improved my team working skills and my confidence. All of the ambassadors had different skills and different areas of interest  within literature. This helped us create a really well-balanced group.

The programme has also me given me a wealth of opportunities.  I have been lucky enough to attend fantastic events such as A Midsummer’s Evening with Ali Smith and A Brief Safari into the Mind of Chris Packham. I have also been able to take part in creative writing sessions. One of the things I most enjoyed is completing my Bronze Arts Award.

It was fantastic to be a Young Ambassador this year in particular because this year the Writers’ Centre became the National Centre for Writing. 2018 has really showcased the best of the organisation but also has also shown a glimpse of what the future holds as the centre becomes known on a national level.

I have loved being a Young Ambassador. The experience has been really beneficial. It has given me a chance to practically explore my love of literature and arts. It has given me lots of ideas for the future. Thank you to the National Centre for Writing for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what the Young Ambassadors of 2019 get up to!

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