World Book Day 2018
Our Young Ambassadors select the books that have shaped them as people

World Book Day (1 March) is a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and reading. To mark the occasion, our Young Ambassadors have each selected a book that has made a lasting impression and shaped them as a person. From assassin adventures to coming-of-age dramas – how many have you read?

<h3>‘All Dogs Have ADHD’ by Kathy Hoopmann</h3>
<p><em>Jessica Alleguen, Year 12, East Norfolk Sixth Form College</em></p>
<p>‘With its inventive methods of explanation and quirky comparisons, this book truly helped me through a phase in my life where I did not understand myself. With each characteristic of ADHD, there is a dog picture to accompany it; clarifying through both words and pictures, enabling those of all ages to comprehend ADHD. Thanks to this book, I’ve grown up understanding and accepting my disorder without the use of medication.’</p>
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