Will Self: the performer
According to Will Self, if you shake a tree in Cromer, a Self, his namesake, will fall out.

If you were lucky enough to be seated at our sold-out NNF13 event, then you’ll have enjoyed an evening packed with scrumptious wordplay and literary insight; but it was the playful nature, the devilish twinkle in his eye that kept our Playhouse audience engrossed from start to finish.

“May all of your gussets turn to glass paper” – a retort directed at our first questioner. Yet the questions kept on coming, and would have continued for hours on end, given the chance.

And the odd swear – don’t forget those…

But for me, Friday night was all about the reading. It managed to make me feel like an eight-year-old again – by that I mean back in primary school, sat cross-legged, willing the teacher to keep on giving life to the words he or she read.

Self projects his words; he acts them out, deftly miming choice words with his free hand. The characters were given playful tones and accents – all combining to leave the audience member fully immersed in Self’s world.

Throughout the evening we were treated to two readings, one from the Booker shortlisted Umbrella, and a hilarious short story from Liver. Between those readings, Self had a fascinating discussion with WCN chief exec, Chris Gribble and answered some very good questions from the audience.

If you missed out, listen to the podcast below. And don’t forget, we’re topping off our NNF13 Words & Ideas events with Electronic Voice Phenomena – hopefully see you there.


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