New online writing courses now available
Poetry, middle-grade fiction and much more!

We’re excited to announce the release of four new writing courses for 2021 from writers Mitch Johnson, Aki Schilz and Anna Cathenka. The courses are available now in our Writer’s Toolkit Online catalogue.

These courses are designed specifically to fit around busy lives and to slot into the realities of lockdown. Whether you’re juggling multiple jobs, childcare, homeschooling or anything else, each course will adapt to your personal schedule. You can start whenever you like and progress at entirely your own pace. There’s no pressure and no stress. Each bite-sized chapter delivers advice, techniques or an exercise which will help with your writing. Many of our courses are entirely free, so there’s no reason to not jump straight in.

Kicking off the new season of courses is Mitch Johnson’s Writing Characters for Middle-Grade Fiction. As the author of YA novels Kick and Pop!, Mitch is perfectly positioned to share his insight into the process of writing for this age group. During the course you’ll find out how to reconnect with your childhood, how to name and introduce characters, when to reveal information to readers, how to write dialogue and humour, and how perspective and voice affects your storytelling. Find out more.

There is an amazing trio of courses for poets in the new collection. Aki Schilz’s two-part exploration of short form poetry takes in everything from the haiku and the tanka to Twitter and Insta-Poetry, mixing examples and historical context with exercises and inspiration. The first installment can be found here. It’s an astonishing dive into the versatility of poetry and best of all both courses are entirely free.

If you’re struggling to get started with your poetry, or simply need a boost to get you over creative challenges, then Anna Cathenka is here to rescue you. Her new course How to be a Confident Poet does exactly what it says: equips you with the skills and knowledge to recognise your abilities, find truth in yourself and connect with your ideas.

Our first season of course are all still available, of course. They include Ben Johncock’s double-bill of productivity and well-being courses, Supercharge your Writing and How to Write More and Stay Happy, Ian Nettleton’s epic Writing Science Fiction trilogy (available individually or as a discounted bundle) and our essential guide to the world of publishing, Know Your Publishing Options.

We also have specialist courses for young writers and for parents who would like to introduce the magic of storytelling to younger children.

All the courses are available now. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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