Lucy van Smit’s A Writer’s Journal Workbook
Talking with Simon on the podcast

Lucy van Smit is an award-winning author, a screenwriter, and artist. She has worked internationally for NBC News, has made documentaries for Canadian TV on writers like John Le Carre and Ian McEwan and in 2018 her debut novel The Hurting won the inaugural Bath Children’s Novel Award. She’s now put together A Writer’s Journal Workbook, for Writers & Artists, which is jam packed with bite-sized exercises and tips for dismantling writer’s block, improving observational skills, developing characters and much more. It’s designed to help new writers get started, find their voice and improve their skills.

Simon talked to Lucy about her own struggles with writer’s block, which she experienced after publishing her first novel, and how creating The Writer’s Journal helped her as much as anyone who might read it.

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