A Surfboard Made of Stardust
Young Norfolk Poetry Competition 2016

We were thrilled to host the first Young Norfolk Poetry Competition awards ceremony on Friday – congratulations to our six finalists for being the top picks from the county!

First place: Ruby Pinner, Hellesdon High

‘A Surfboard Made Of Stardust’

I like to ride the seas
Inside my head
In the night time
On a surfboard made of stardust

There is no danger here
Just satin silence
And glittery darkness
And cotton sheets

Troubles drown in the waters
Stresses are shipwrecked
Tears are evaporated
Burdens are buried deep

I would stay here longer
Though I know that cannot be
I would tend to the counted sheep
I would paint pictures with the night sky’s ink

It is hard to be afraid
In a place full of dreams
With your eyes squeezed shut
Lying perfectly still

The world cannot touch you
Lost in your head
Riding the seas
On a surfboard made of stardust

Second place Dominic Gilmour, Hellesdon Sixth Form

‘Black and Blue’

Black and blue,
Waves crash upon the pebble-strewn beach
Basking beneath a star-lit canvas

Black and blue,
Glass splinters lie in a puddle of curaçao
Surrounding an onyx encrusted ring

Black and blue,
Flashing lights cast long silhouettes of men in uniform
Responding to a case of domestic disturbance

Black and blue,
The dark rings beneath the eyes of an innocent housewife
Lying still and breathless on the cold stone floor

Black and blue,
The striped silk tie wrapped around the neck of a man
Hovering inches above the carpet

Black and blue,
The shadows cast by the wine-stained sofa
Disguising the weeping boy in the corner

Third place: Harry Peachment, Norwich School


A cross is what they wanted, the Romans asked of me,
To bring the finest crucifix, for use on Calvary. 
Tales of my usefulness are famed across the lands, 
But I couldn’t make a cross with my frail and useless hands.

A strongman’s what I wanted, who could chop down a tree.
He claimed to cut it down in one, he cut it down in three. 
Tales of his unmatched strength are famed across the lands, 
But he couldn’t carry all the wood with his weak and feeble hands. 

A boardsman’s what I wanted to use the wood I’d got,
But he only used a portion, and he left the rest to rot. 
Tales of his resourcefulness are famed across the lands, 
But he could only make two small planks with his blind and wasteful hands. 

A craftsman’s what I wanted, to make the final thing.
His work was of a child, though he priced a ransomed king. 
Tales of his craftsmanship are famed across the lands, 
But he cared not for his work with his dumb and greedy hands. 

A cross is what I gave them, though small and out of shape,
Was fit to kill a criminal, for murder, rob or rape. 
Tales of the Romans care are famed across the lands,
But they flung it to the criminal with their cold, uncaring hands. 

Forgiveness is what he wanted, I heard the poor man cry,
But not for him, for us, he said, though we sent him there to die. 
Tales of his blaspheming are famed across the lands, 
But I couldn’t see the wrong In his nailed and dying hands.

Highly commended

Hazel Thacker, Jane Austin College, ‘The Moonlight Flit’

Nicholas Ford, Wymondham College, ‘Je t’aime, And Love It’

Liliana Potter, Wymondham College, ‘Portraits in Local Park’

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