Neverending Stories

Neverending Stories encourages storytelling between parents, carers and their children in a supported environment, to nurture a shared love of stories and play, imagination and words.


The programme began life in 2018-19 with the intention of helping to improve speech and language in children by the time they start school, and to encourage parents and carers to feel confident about telling stories for and with their children. 

We also wanted to offer Dragon Hall to parents as a venue where they could meet with their children and tell stories together, should children’s centres close. 

Following a successful series of events delivered in person, we created a Neverending Stories pack to share resources and ideas with parents and carers more widely. 

Bring stories with you, wherever you are

Stories can be fact or imaginary or both. They can begin with a real story and become imaginary. Stories are yours to shape and change.

Story time doesn’t have to be sitting down and reading a whole book. It doesn’t have to be a certain amount of time. It is about sharing a story with your child, whatever that may be.

Inside this pack you’ll find tips and ideas for:

  • How to tell great stories to children
  • How to find inspiration for stories
  • How to find time to tell stories together
  • How to create physical spaces for stories
  • What to do when you’re running out of ideas.


What is vital for using this pack:

  • Communication with your child.
  • Spending time together.
  • Willingness to be silly!


Download your free Neverending Stories pack

Download here

We would like to thank Anguish’s Educational Foundation for funding this project.

Thank you to all the parents and organisations who contributed to the pack, including: The Norwich Puppet Theatre; Hannah Woodhall of the Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library; Lawrence Bradby of The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts; and Becky Demmen of Supporting Your Art for research and content development.