Writing Science Fiction Bundle

This huge bundle includes all three Writing Science Fiction courses, taught by Ian Nettleton: World Building, Characters & Point of View and Plotting & Endings.

The bundle saves you £25 over buying separately.

By the end of these courses you will:

  • Understand the difference between archetypes and stereotypes
  • Know how to build characters through observation
  • Understand the importance of point-of-view
  • Be able to use first, second and third person perspectives
  • Be able to combine character and situations to generate a plot
  • Know how to use your setting to reflect and reveal your characters
  • Know how to use the mundane to your advantage
  • Understand the difference between world building and exposition
  • Know what separates after the catastrophe from enclosed habitats
  • Get why verisimilitude is key to any science fiction story
  • Appreciate the relationship between plot and character
  • Know what forms a classic story structure
  • Be able to write an impactful opening
  • Know how to ratchet up the drama
  • Be able to recite the Ten Commandments of Writing
  • Understand how point of view affects your plot
  • See how dialogue and subtext can add depth to your plot
  • Understand the importance of rewriting
  • Know how to end your story
More information

Ian Nettleton has a doctorate in Creative & Critical Writing from UEA (2003). His first novel, The Last Migration, set in the Australian outback, was runner-up for both the 2014 Bath Novel Award prize for literature and the inaugural Bridport Prize/Peggy Chapman-Andrews First Novel Award. He has also worked for the BBC as a writer and presenter, critiqued novels for The Literary Consultancy and published short fiction in a number of anthologies.