Know Your Publishing Options

The world of publishing can be confusing and intimidating. This course is your map to navigating the different paths to publication, from the traditional Big 5 to the DIY ethos of self-publishing. Along the way you'll find out about the emerging possibilities of social and online publishing and learn how to identify and avoid the scams.

So, you want to publish your manuscript?

This course is entirely free because we want all writers to be armed with the core knowledge needed to pursue a safe and rewarding writing career.

In this straight-to-the-point course you will:

  • Find the best publishing path for your manuscript
  • Identify what you want to achieve with your writing
  • Learn how to avoid author scams and bad contracts
  • Explore the best route into traditional publishing
  • Find out how to get started with self-publishing
  • Get tips for promoting yourself and your book
  • Discover platforms for distributing your work online
  • Learn about the productivity benefits of serialised writing
  • Get access to a huge range of links, resources and further reading
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