Bregje Hofstede returns to the podcast with this full length version of her conversation with our Programme Director Peggy Hughes. Bregje stayed with us back in October as a writer in residence at Dragon Hall, back when such a thing was still possible.

Bregje came to work on her new novel – working title De oplossing van Hadewych (The Hadewych Solution). Dragon Hall was the ideal location, as the Middle Ages feature large in the novel while Norwich is the most complete medieval English town to have survived and has more medieval churches than any other European city north of the Alps.

The wide-ranging discussion takes in how your writing changes when you’re away from your normal situation (something we’re all at least vaguely familiar with by now…), as well as what happens to spirituality in a secular society. There are no clear answers anymore: is that a good thing?

Hosted by Simon Jones and Steph McKenna.

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National Centre for Writing · #96 Searching For Answers for Bregje Hofstede

Music by Bennet Maples.