Melody Razak is one of ten emerging writers in the running for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2022,‘the UK’s most prestigious award for first-time novelists’ (Telegraph). The winning author will receive a £10,000 prize along with a year-long package of support with the National Centre for Writing to help them progress their career. Stay tuned for the shortlist announcement on Tuesday 7 June.

Melody Razak is a former cake shop owner and pastry chef turned writer. Moth is her debut novel and follows a fourteen year-old girl, Alma, who is soon to be married. Alma’s parents are uneasy about their daughter marrying so young, but political unrest is brewing, and times are bad for girls in India. When Partition happens this extraordinary family is torn apart, but the resilience of the human spirit is an extraordinary thing… Get to know the author behind the words below.

Moth is longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2022. Find out more →

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Moth started with the burning desire to give these women a unique voice through fiction. I wanted to explore how women survive in times of trauma and crisis. How the hearth and domestic rituals become a lifeline. How something as simple as cooking food, telling a story, plaiting hair, can bring communities together when they have lost everything. These were the stories, I felt, that had been left on the side-line.

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Ben and Nico are joined by Melody Razak, author of Moth, listed as one of The Observer’s top ten debuts novelists of 2021. Listen in as they discuss Melody’s writing process, characters with lives of their own, and what it’s like to watch 1000 episodes of an anime… no, really!

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‘A lot of these women were never allowed to speak or to tell their story and I felt quite a lot of outrage on their behalf,’ Razak explained. ‘I was thinking, how do I give these women a voice when it’s impossible for me to speak to any of them? That was the beginnings of the novel.’

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The name Moth came from a very unprecedented event in Razak’s life. There had been a moth infestation in her flat on her beloved pashmina scarves collected from India over the years of travel. ‘I picked one up and it just crumpled into dust in front of me. And it was really that feeling of it falling apart that made me think of the situation and Partition.’

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