This week we’re visiting the archives to pull out an amazing recording of comics writer Alan Moore. This is from the Norfolk and Norwich Festival way back in 2013, when audiences were treated to a rare glimpse of an unreleased Moore project. It was to be an opera about the alchemist John Dee, but the show never reached the stage in this form. Instead, here we have Alan reading a tantalising extract.

Alan Moore has an astonishing back catalogue of work, ranging from Marvel and DC work to the genre-redefining 1980s masterpieces Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell. He’s exerted a huge influence on the comics form and wider culture, and what follows is a remarkable glimpse of a project that was not to be…

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Hosted by Simon Jones, writer and Digital Marketing Manager at the National Centre for Writing.

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Photo of Alan Moore by Matt Bidulph
Music by Bennet Maples