A New Beginning

There’s a new season, a new school.
A new car, a new rule.
A new leaf, upon a tree.
A new dish, for our tea.
A new impression, a new friend.
A new title, a new trend.
A new hobby, to do at home.
A new language, for wherever I roam.
But climate change is more vital.
Than a new trend, or a new title.
In the Rainforest, the seasons don’t matter.
There’s still a fire, a messy clatter.
Some new schools won’t teach about this.
And if they do, a lot of facts they shall miss.
A new car can harm for good.
Using up the new tree’s wood.
A new rule is what we need.
To stop humanity’s ugly greed.
For those new leaves upon those trees.
Will no longer ripple in the clean breeze.
A new dish is full of Palm oil.
In the Rainforest, it causes turmoil.
A new impression upon our acts.
Could prevent the logger with his axe.
A new friend to save the planet.
A new title, will that make a change?
What we all want is a deal to exchange.
A new trend, some shoes or a jacket.
What use will that have to a burning planet?
A new hobby to save the environment.
Could protect the law with a binding entitlement.
A new language for foreign places.
If you wanted to visit you’d need a plane in some cases.
We don’t need these things in our head to be spinning.
What we need is obvious: a new beginning.

Colette said: ‘My Laureateship gives me so many opportunities, but I would mostly like to use it as a way to educate people about climate change and how their actions both big and small have a significant impact on our beautiful planet. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!’

Photo (c) Boudhayan Bardhan