PODCAST: Writing using the senses with Els Beerten
Els Beerten and Isabelle King delve into how the senses can be employed in writing, discussing character development, plot and setting.

In this episode, Norwich-based author and creative practitioner Isabelle King speaks to our recent writer-in-residence, Els Beerten. Els is an award-winning Belgian writer, and, in this wide-reaching conversation, she discusses how she develops characters as well as uses the senses to bring places and people to life.

Els stayed in the Dragon Hall cottage in August as part of our year-round residency programme. She was working on a new novel.

Isabelle King writes historical fiction and works in museums in Norfolk. Her work focuses on helping communities to tell their stories inspired by local history.

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Els Beerten is one of Belgium’s leading young adult novelists, has been widely translated and has received several awards. Her most successful novel is We All Want Heaven. During her time in Norwich, Els was working on a new project, exploring three storylines of dreams not coming true or maybe coming true. Els was inspired by the area around Norwich, diving into its past and present.

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