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The Plantation Garden

4 Earlham Rd, Norwich NR2 3DB

Start your journey at The Plantation Garden; a beautiful, three-acre Victorian Garden built within an abandoned chalk quarry. It was created by successful furniture maker and Baptist minister, Henry Trevor, between 1857 and the 1870s. Featuring a stunning gothic fountain, Italianate features, woodland walks, vast flower beds, and a Victorian-style greenhouse, it’s the ideal location for a spot of reading, writing or picnicking.

‘Plantation Garden’ is written and performed by Piers Harrison-Reid, a performance poet and A&E nurse.

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When I lose myself

To the inner trembling

Feel again

The loose threads

Snagged on some branch or thought

Become unravelled


I stumble

Through iron gates blooming, woven 

Begin to weave myself 

Whole again


In the shadow of cathedral 

A gothic-flint fountain


Ringed by Rothko colours


A secret sanctuary 

near silent 

in the centre of the city

Formed of a former quarry

Full of folly

40 years’ work

80 years of decay

and growth 

Hidden away

Its garden reached wide-eyed at the sun

As this city grew and changed

The sounds of lace and shoe work echoed 

over the trees,

Chocolate and mustard filled the air, 

then all ebbed away.


What is it to be rediscovered?

The foxes and butterflies 

Relaxing in shafts of golden light

Never forgot 

The hidden signs and signatures

The faces in the rock


And with sinkholes swallowing buses, 

Perhaps it tried to keep its secrets 

Behind its empty windows and doorways

Did it know it was lost?


A Preservation Trust 

Is an ill-fitting name

For those that made a perfect space

Surrounded by walkways

Which hold echoes of all of us unwoven ones 

Who too have beamed and basked 

In those shafts of golden light

Bloom again


These spaces hold our history

Hold our hands

Hold our hope

How do we shape them?

What will we be remembered by?


Though none can fistfight time

Perhaps there is some trust for us

Who will hear our echoes

See our follies and flaws

Rothko ringed and beaming 

Restore us 

Our tired walls

Our battered bones

And bring us back

Make us home

Piers Harrison-Reid

Visit Norwich brand launch 2019. Photo credit Simon Finlay Photography.

Piers Harrison-Reid is a performance poet primarily inspired by his real-life big boy job as an Accident and Emergency Nurse, and the stories of life and loss from the people he meets there. Now perhaps best known for his viral love poem to the NHS ‘Love is for the brave’, he has supported the likes of Buddy Wakefield and Scroobius Pip, performed internationally and toured Scotland and England. He has featured on BBC Look East, is a weekly guest on BBC Radio Norfolk, has performed at a multitude of summer festivals including stages at Bestival and Latitude, and given keynote speeches to conferences including the Chief Nursing Officer of the NHS.


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