The UEA New Forms Award 2021 is awarded to Charlotte Geater, who has a PhD from the University of Kent in Creative Writing: The Contemporary Novel, and whose pamphlet poems for my FBI Agent was published by Bad Betty Press in 2020.

It was judged by writer Yan Ge, with Professor Henry Sutton of UEA and Simon Jones, who produces NCW’s The Writing Life podcast.

Of Geater’s entry, Yan Ge said:

‘Charlotte Geater is a writer of extraordinary talent and vigorous creative ambition. Her work looks into personal trauma, local history and the life and work of Byron through the prism of illness. In unfeigned and effortless prose, she enquires intensely and deeply into the pain and exhilaration of being human.’

Charlotte Geater grew up in Ipswich, and she now lives in Walthamstow in east London. She has a PhD from the University of Kent in Creative Writing: The Contemporary Novel. She is chronically ill and freelances part-time in publishing.

She won the White Review’s Poets’ Prize in 2018, and her poetry has been published in Clinic, Strange Horizons, and Perverse. In 2020 Bad Betty Press published her pamphlet Poems For my FBI Agent. She also works with AI-generated texts; she has had a pamphlet of AI-generated poetry published by if a leaf falls press, and another poetry pamphlet that is part AI-generated is forthcoming in Broken Sleep Books’ Legitimate Snack series.

She was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome-related endometrial cancer in late 2020, and had cancer surgery in early 2021. That is not her cat.


I.R. Franklin

Charlotte Geater

James Wilkes


Kerry Priest, Daniel Hinds, Maria Howard, Kirstie Millar, Jonathan McAloon, Rosalind Brown, Jasmine Farndon, Kieran Toms, Polly Wright


The winner of the inaugural UEA New Forms Award is Taylor Beidler, whose project explores non-traditional storytelling and aims to synthesise her work as a playwright, performance artist and creative non-fiction writer.

Of Beidler’s entry, judge Peggy Hughes said:

‘This is an impressive project with exciting potential, using a personal story to powerful, measured effect.’

A byproduct of the American Midwest, Taylor Beidler is a London-based playwright, prose, and performance artist. She holds an MA (Distinction) in Scriptwriting from the University of East Anglia, and is currently finishing her MSt in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, where she is working on a novel. This past year, Taylor was longlisted for the Snoo Wilson Prize for Scriptwriting, and had two creative non-fiction pieces shortlisted for the Show Me Yours Prize. She is the Resident Dramaturg for The New Collectives. She provided written material for AMC, and is under option for an original series with Silverprint Pictures.


Michael Salu
James Smart


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