Translation residencies

We offer a range of residencies for literary translators in our two-bedroom cottage at Dragon Hall. For further details, check out the residencies section of our website

The National Centre for Writing is a member of the RECIT network of European literary translation centres. Member organisations offer residencies for translators and organise public events bringing together writers, translators & audiences. Find out more here.

NCW will be hosting translation residencies for translators from the Western Balkans as part of RECIT’s Translation in Motion project, an international initiative launched in February 2021 by a cluster of translation centres from eight European countries from the Western Balkans and EU-member states. Translation in Motion’s ambition is to push for and aid the increase of the number, diversity and quality of literary works available to readers across Europe. You can read more about the project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, on the RECIT website and you can read the latest news about the project here.

You can watch the promotional video about Translation in Motion below.

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