If statues could talk, what stories would they tell?

Talking Statues ran from September 2018 – September 2019

Ten of Norwich’s most famous statues have been given the gift of the gab! Using drama, humour and location technology, Talking Statues breathes new life into the statues that surround us. Some approaches are dramatic, others comic and others flights of pure fantasy. All aim to persuade the public to look at the statues with new eyes.

Simply pass a Talking Statue, swipe your smartphone on a nearby plaque and presto, get a call back from Lord Nelson, Julian of Norwich, Thomas Browne, Will Kempe and others.

Renowned writers and actors connected to the project include Stephen Fry, Olivia Colman, Adam Buxton, Sarah Perry and Luke Wright. Find out more information about the programme, and hear recordings of the statues speak, click here.

Talking Statues Norwich has been organised by Creative Nation and the National Centre for Writing, with support from The Forum, Norwich Business Improvement District (BID), Festival Bridge, The Freemen of Norwich, Historic England and the Norwich Heritage Fund. 

Header image: Matt Brown

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