Residency opportunities

Visible Communities residencies in the cottage at Dragon Hall

We are offering up to four one-week residencies to UK-based Black and Brown translators working from any language into English, as part of the Visible Communities programme. The residency will offer:

  • A week of time to translate
  • A zoom meeting with a mentor who can give feedback on your work as well as professional development advice
  • The opportunity to produce content for NCW’s digital platforms

The residencies will take place between September and December 2021 in the cottage at Dragon Hall, with appropriate COVID-19 measures in place. The National Centre for Writing will cover the cost of UK travel for the selected translators and a stipend of £250 for the week.

If you are interested, please send us:

  • a sample of your translation (up to 2000 words)
  • a description of the manuscript or project on which you will work during the residency
  • a covering letter explaining:
    • why you wish to take part in the residency
    • what you will bring to it
    • what you hope to get out of it
    • what support you would like from the mentor at this stage in your career
  • a CV with publication record (if any)
  • your preferred dates for the residency (between September and December 2021)

Please send your application to The deadline for applications is Monday 16 August 2021.

2021 Granada Writers’ Residence programme

Granada UNESCO City of Literature is offering a month’s stay (30 nights) for two writers, between 2 November and 1 December 2021.

Granada UNESCO City of Literature will cover the travelling expenses of each of the writers selected. Travel conditions for the selected writers will be subject to the COVID-19 regulations settled by the Health Authorities at the time of the Residency Program, if any. 

The University of Granada will arrange and cover the costs of accommodation for the two writers. Each will have their own room with full board at the university’s hall of residence for visitors (Corrala de Santiago).

Granada UNESCO City of Literature and the University of Granada will provide the writers in residence with opportunities to participate in the city’s literary life, arranging contacts with local writers, involvement in workshops, teaching activities, and so on. Find out more

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 1 September. 

Literary Residencies for Writers and Translators in Poland

Creative residencies for writers and translators have had a long and noble tradition in Europe and across the world. Across centuries, the concept has remained unchanged – artists are offered a place of temporary residence, of several weeks or months, to engage in their work in peace and quiet, without the distraction of daily life. That is why three Polish cities: Gdańsk, Cracow, and Warsaw have initiated such scholarship programme for writers and translators. Find out more

Kraków UNESCO city of literature has announced an open call for translators from Polish into other languages for a one-month residency in September 2021. Deadline for applications is Sunday 25th July 2021. Please see here for details.