Welcome to phase 2 of the website!

The WCN website has been updated to version 2.0, in preparation for the National Centre for Writing. What you’re looking at here is an example of a landing page – which normally will mean the home page. However, as you can see from this demo page, we can also use it for other purposes.

Make sure you scroll down to see exciting things, all of which are customisable and can be relocated and duplicated. Do note that most of the links on this page are mock-ups and won’t go to real places.

Here are the driving factors behind this redesign:

  1. Improve the user experience for visitors
  2. Better highlight the huge variety of work we all do
  3. Provide a better behind-the-scenes experience for staff who work on the website

This is the beginning of a more iterative approach to website development. Right now the site looks largely the same as before, other than the home page, but you’ll continue to see improvements to the website as we get closer to the NCW opening and beyond.

We’ll be talking to all departments and staff to find the best ways to represent your work and get it under the noses of our audiences.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for any launch glitches. If you spot anything weird, let Simon or Hannah know.


The Balcony Folk

We can highlight specific content like this:

Alternatively here's a slightly different design:

What does this mean?

This page is an example of the various types of design we now have access to. Practically, we won’t tend to use them all at once but will instead deploy them strategically to tell particular stories.

The home page is where you’ll see them most regularly, but we can use them to enhance other pages, too.

Over time, the entire website will gradually shift towards being a richer experience.

Here's a collection of articles:

Find out more

Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist

Being a Young Ambassador

Bringing The Walls Down

Brit Noir

Becoming a prize-winning poet

We can highlight anything we want in here!

Want to shout about something?

This area can be used to really push a specific programme or project.

We can put whatever we want over this side, and then on the right can highlight specific articles.

The entire section can be branded up appropriately for whatever it is about. Let’s stick a logo in, because we can:

Optional info here!

We can also create nice banners like this

Let us know if you have any questions, or encounter any problems.

We’ll be talking to everyone about the website’s new potential in more detail when we all have a bit more time – post-NNF and post-NCW opening!

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