Building your foundations

In the pack:

  • Rebecca Watson talks with Chitra Ramaswamy about Little Scratch
  • Rob Shearman on why structure is critically important
  • Simon K Jones on structuring your novel in Scrivener
In previous packs we’ve covered characters, world building, plot and dialogue, all crucial aspects to the success of a story. All of those aspects need to be held together by a secure scaffold, built on firm foundations, and that’s where structure comes in.
There are countless ways to structure a story. The decisions you make will fundamentally define the experience of your readers. Rob Shearman argues that structure is every bit as important as the more commonly discussed aspects of a novel, with even unconscious decisions impacting significantly on how a story is interpreted. We’re thrilled to have journalist Chitra Ramaswamy on the podcast talking to the writer of the Desmond Elliott Prize 2021 shortlisted Little Scratch, Rebecca Watson, about the unique structural design of her debut book. Meanwhile, Simon K Jones takes a more technical look at how to practically handle the structure of a large project using the writing software Scrivener.
We’ve also delved into the NCW archives to bring you even more podcasts and articles on the subject of structure.
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Happy writing!

The NCW Team,

National Centre for Writing,
February 2021

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