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In the pack:

  • Chris Beckett on styles of dialogue
  • Femi Kayode on scriptwriting
  • Carys Davies on the magic of dialogue
  • Hannah Berry on comics
  • Taylor Beidler on the dialogue feedback loop
Dialogue is our focus this month, from comics to scripts to prose and with contributions from an exciting selection of writers.
Graphic novelist and UK Comics Laureate Hannah Berry gives us an illustrated guide to the complexities of dialogue in comics. These seven (and a bit) tips are a fascinating insight into the visual language of comics.
Author Chris Beckett, winner of the Arthur C Clarke award in 2012, talks to Sam Ruddock about different approaches to dialogue and how his 2020 novel Two Tribes explores interactions between humans (and how we’re not that different to animals).
Those of you who write for stage or screen will find lots of useful techniques in Femi Kayode‘s essential scriptwriting tips. Femi’s debut novel Lightseekers is out this month.
The inimitable Carys Davies has given us a wonderful article on the magic of dialogue. As Carys puts it: ‘One of the things I’ve come to realise over the years is that my characters only become real to me when I can hear them speak.’
Finally, the winner of the UEA New Forms Award, Taylor Beidler, examines the flow of dialogue and the core feedback loop that exists when people communicate with one another.
Happy writing!
The NCW Team,

National Centre for Writing,
February 2021

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