The Best of Digital

This commission opportunity has now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

We are seeking a pair of artist collaborators (2 x individuals), one writer and one from another discipline, to co-produce a digitally native piece.

The budget available for this work (from devising to delivery and including professional fees) is £3,000 (inc. VAT) in total.

Who can apply?

This opportunity is open to all pairs who would like to collaborate on a creative digitally native piece. The pair must comprise one writer and one artist from another discipline. The pair must apply as a pair.

Any form of piece will be considered, as long as it is compellingly articulated, deliverable digitally within budget and timeframe. The piece could be a one-off piece, or a small series.

The experience should be in line with NCW’s organisational values. You can get a sense of us here.

Applicants can be based anywhere in the UK. If there are any travel or accommodation costs incurred they would need to be factored into the budget of £3000 (inc. VAT).

How to apply

  1. Send us a statement telling us more about you and an indication of your previous work.
  2. Outline your plans: why you? Why now? Why Dragon Hall? Why NCW? What would the experience feel like and who is it for? What story is this experience exploring? How would you work together as a pair?
  3. Outline budget
  4. What would be needed from us?

Applications and queries by email for the attention of Peggy Hughes (Programme Director) to: Please use ‘The Best of Digital’ in the subject line of your application

Deadline for applications: 14 Dec 2020 09.00 GMT

Notification of outcome: 17 December 2020, with follow-up conversation to arrange dates and logistics for January 2021 and beyond.

  • The successful applicants would have a conversation with us to agree terms and timeframes when selected (Dec 2020)
  • We would keep in contact with a pre-agreed regular check up to ensure all is on track
  • NCW would require copy and images relating to the experience by Feb 2021
  • Successful applicants should document their experience with one blog post and one podcast interview as part of our series ‘The Writing Life’


  • November: applications open
  • December 2020: writers confirmed and announced via NCW channels
  • January: development
  • February: confirmation of title, copy, images
  • March: delivery of final piece