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International Translation Day 2017

Hosted by Free Word and English PEN at the British Library, this annual event is an opportunity for the translation community to discuss significant issues and developments within the sector and celebrate success.

WCN Associate Programme Director Kate Griffin chaired a panel on how the career of the literary translator as we know it has been changing over the last year through new opportunities, working models and self-initiated sidelines. With Jen Calleya (British Library Translator in Residence), Ruth Clarke of The Starling Bureau and Gitanjali Patel (Co-Founder of Shadow Heroes):

WCN Chief Executive, Chris Gribble, took part in a panel on translating human rights, with Amanda Hopkinson, Professor Alison Phipps (lead researcher on Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language: the Body, Law and the State at the University of Glasgow), Tawona Sitholé (the project’s poet in residence) and Samantha Schnee (Founding Editor of Words Without Borders). Chris is also the chair of the board of the International Cities of Refuge Network:


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Shakespeare – A Great Feast of Languages

A Great Feast of Languages was a year-long international focus on translating Shakespeare for performance. It involved a series of translation workshop programmes and a chain of public panel discussions between British and international translators, writers, academics and practitioners.

Developed in partnership with the British Council, Shakespeare’s Globe and the British Centre for Literary Translation, A Great Feast of Languages was centered around five-day translation workshops bringing together translators, writers, actors, directors and academics to explore the challenges and complexities of translating Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. The workshops examined a number of key Shakespeare texts, along with a Shakespearean text of local relevance.

‘Translating Shakespeare into Chinese’ (British Council, Singapore, September 2016)

‘Translating Shakespeare into Romanian’ (British Council, Germany, June 2016)

‘Translating Shakespeare into German’ (British Council, Germany, June 2016)

‘Translating Shakespeare into Polish’ (British Council, Germany, June 2016)

Launch of Lost Evenings Lost Lives with Lakshmi Holmström

An evening of bilingual poetry in celebration of the launch of Lost Evenings Lost Lives, an anthology of Tamil poetry edited and translated by Lakshmi Holmström and Sascha Ebeling, and winner of a PEN Translates Award from English PEN.


Translation in the Margins

Translation in the Margins

On 3 October 2015 WCN held a practical symposium exploring the radical edges of literary translation in a global context at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon. The day featured lectures, discussion panels, break-out workshops, readings and networking opportunities, with speakers and performers including Olive Senior, Sun-mi Hwang, Hamid Ismailov, Meena Kandasamy, Fan Dai, Khairani Barokka and Moqapi Selassie.


Translation in the Margins 2015 panel: ‘Building New Bridges’

Translation in the Margins 2015 panel: ‘Translation As Activism’

Keynote lecture: Oliver Senior, ‘Multilingualism: a New World Perspective’

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