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Living Legends (And some Dead Ones Too)

Brigitte Aphrodite

Brigitte AphroditeA literary road-trip around the UK, celebrating Living Legends (And Dead Ones Too) through original poetry. From Lands End to John O’ Groats via David Bowie in Bromley, Poly Styrene in Hastings and Aphra Behn in Canterbury. Tracing its way across the UKs arteries – in a G reg VW – the show reveals its life-blood: the extraordinary people who call our nation home. Alongside Brigitte Aphrodite, prepare to meet sung and unsung heroes, including at least one pub-specific local colourful character. Take tea with Miranda the Fortune Teller in Margate, raise a glass with Ellen Terry in Small Hythe and share stories with Alan Moore in Northampton.

Brigitte Aphrodite is a punk poet, musician, writer, theatre-maker and feminist show woman. She makes genre-crossing, status quo defying gig theatre and is 2019 Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club kazoo playing champion! Website


Yours Sincerely

Will Jackson

Will JacksonWill Jackson has accidentally stolen 300-second class stamps from the post office. But he’s making them count. He’s going to write letters. From reconnecting with old friends and ex-boyfriends to run-ins with the marketing department at John Lewis, stamp collecting has never been so sexy…

Based on real-life correspondences; storytelling and lipsync cabaret collide in this queer coming-of-age comedy about the complications of 21st-century communication.

Will Jackson is a Theatre Maker and Comedian. He is a Birmingham REP Foundry Artist, a BBC Arts New Creative and one of this year’s six emerging writers at the Bush Theatre. ‘Yours Sincerely’ was his debut solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe and since has been named a Rising Comic Star by Attitude magazine.


Polis LouizouCats & Aphrodite: Tales From the Motherland

Polis Louizou

‘Cats & Aphrodite: Tales From The Motherland’ is a funny, weird and sometimes casually terrifying collection of the stories that shaped Polis Loizou’s childhood in Cyprus. From the horrific tales his grandma liked to use as weapons to inspire good behaviour (goblins, archangels wielding scythes) to the media circus surrounding a notorious Holy House, not to mention the fact that his ancestors were known as The Wizards in their village,

‘Cats & Aphrodite’ is an hour of eye-opening and amusing storytelling that answers the question: why is Polis the way he is? And why have these stories stuck with him in his new home of England? It just goes to show, when you think you’ve escaped your motherland, you find she’s always got her Evil Eye on you.

Polis Loizou tells stories across various disciplines. He has a predilection for folklore, history, multimedia and the dark. He is also one-third of fringe theatre troupe The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company. Website


James McDermott

James McdermottTo accompany the release of James McDermott‘s debut poetry collection Manatomy (published by Burning Eye Books), ‘Manatomy’ is a wry, witty, cheeky and chatty performance poetry show exploring how nature, nurture, pop culture, prejudice and politics have shaped the identity of camp gay man James McDermott.

Structured in three parts – ‘Boy’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Man’ – ‘Manatomy’ interrogates how the childhood and adolescent experiences of growing up gay in a homophobic world and in rural millennial England affect a gay man’s relationships with himself, his partners, the LGBTQ community and the wider world.

James’s plays published by Samuel French include ‘Rubber Ring’ (UK Tour) and ‘Time & Tide’ (Park Theatre; Offie Nominated for New Play). James’s poetry is published by Burning Eye Books. Website

Pylon Club

Jess Morgan

Jess MorganMeet Jess – the hardest working folk-singer-songwriter you’ve NEVER heard of. 

Jess lives in London, in a flat above a carwash, spending her days churning out demos, hustling for gigs just waiting for that call from Jools Holland. She’s young, single-minded and ambitious to get out on the road…at any cost. It’s the oldest rock and roll story ever told. 

So, what happens when after ten years on tour, the sleepy rural town Jess grew up resolute to leave behind suddenly glitters with possibility – something more promising than fame, and more life-changing than a spin on Radio 2..? Will she hang around long enough to find out?

With songs carefully knitted into the narrative, this show tells the story of ten glorious years being a nobody in the music industry – of festival tents, starry night drives, the romance of concrete and magic of pylons; a story of frustration, exploitation and discovering that most people don’t get famous. Most people just turn thirty. 

Jess Morgan is a writer and musician from Norwich – described as ‘The sort of thing you put on your headphones when walking alone and wanting to feel like you’re in your own gritty British love story.’ (TRASH magazine). Website

Stop Trying to be Fantastic

Molly Naylor

Molly NaylorAre you living your best life? Nailing it? Smashing it? Crushing it…? No? Me neither. 

‘Stop Trying to be Fantastic’ is a story about suffering, and the lengths we go to to avoid it. It charts one human’s attempts to win at life via a range of adventurous mistakes. It’s about getting stuck between what we owe to each other and what we owe to ourselves.

From award-winning writer/performer Molly Naylor (Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You, Sky One’s After Hours) comes this lyrical and funny spoken-word show about ambition, altruism and how to be medium good.

Brave, funny, tough and beautiful writing’ – the Guardian

Molly Naylor is a writer, performer and director. She is the creator and co-writer and creator of Sky One comedy After Hours. Theatre work include Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You (writer/performer), My Robot Heart (writer/performer) and LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! (writer/director). Her debut poetry collection Badminton is published by Burning Eye. She is the co-director of sell-out storytelling night True Stories Live. Website

A Supermarket Love Story

John Osbourne

A Supermarket Love StoryA story about supermarkets and the people who use them. Love will bloom, lives will continue as they always have, and you’ll meet two paramedics by the crisps. As staff untuck their shirts and sit on kick stools stacking shelves we join them all for a storytelling feast, and find that every aisle really does tell a different story.

Join John Osbourne – Radio 4 regular and creator of cult show John Peel’s Shed – for an evening of poignant, enchanting and heart-warming poetic tales. John weaves words to create wonderful worlds out of the most ordinary of situations.

‘An absolute joy’ – Greg James, Radio 1

John Osborne writes poetry, books, scripts and stories for Radio 4. He co-created the Sky One sitcom After Hours. Website



Alexander Rhodes

Alexander RhodesIn the future, loneliness is our biggest enemy.

In an ever-evolving world, there are people who fall through the cracks. Old people, teenagers, homeless, and rich. Social standing does not matter. Wonderland follows the lives of a small group of everyday people as they battle with their own experience of loneliness. They don’t know each other…yet.

‘Wonderland’ is a passionate, raw and honest look at how loneliness affects the human psyche, and how we can work together to beat it.

‘Belongs on Stage’ – Luke Wright

Alexander Rhodes has performed at Edinburgh Fringe, Womad Festival, The Royal Albert Hall, and on the BBC. He has recently finished touring his award-winning play ‘One Foot In The Rave’.


366 Days of Kindness

Bernadette Russell

Bernadette RussellOn August 18th 2011, in response to the UK riots and after a chance encounter in a post office, Bernadette Russell embarked on a reckless mission to be kind to a stranger every single day for a year. This show, part stand up, part storytelling, charts this amazing year, which began with burning buildings, and ended with the flame of the Olympic torch. It attempts to answer the question: “is it possible to change the world just by being kind?”

You might laugh. You may cry. You could win one million pounds (really).

‘A thought-provoking, hilarious and disarmingly honest show’ – **** Daily Express

Bernadette is a storyteller and author of non-fiction for adults and children. She has created work for the Royal Albert Hall and National Theatre amongst many others. Website


There’s No Signal In Here

Dan Simpson

Dan SimpsonThe pub: a haven from the outside. A place to get away from it all – to have a quiet one, or a few laughs with friends. Until technology came along and ruined both the peace and conviviality of the boozer.

Now, the world invades this sacred space through the proliferation of our smartphone screens. As artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality threaten to further undermine the traditions and social glue that hold us together, what will become of a simple drink and a night out?

Stand-up poet Dan Simpson takes the mobile from your hand for an hour of full-battery, electrically-charged, powerfully-funny verse, swiping through the impact of technology on our everyday lives.

Dan Simpson is a writer, performer, and producer working in spoken word and poetry. He has two collections published by Burning Eye Books, and commissions from Southbank Centre and the European Commission. Dan has performed around the world – including at Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe and on the BBC – and is the host of comedy VS poetry show Stand Up & Slam. A former Canterbury Laureate, he has been poet-in-residence for the National Trust and at Waterloo Station. Website


The Regulars

Teatro Vivo

Teatro VivoHave you ever thought about who might have sat here before you? Who propped up the bar a decade ago? Or who sat in front of the same fireplace 200 years back? And is their energy still causing havoc tonight? Teatro Vivo will travel with you through time to reveal the secrets of previous patrons – regulars whose stories continue to cause vibrations.

Teatro Vivo invite you to a booze-up with a difference as the new bar staff reveal the ghosts of the past still present in the pub today.

Teatro Vivo is a critically acclaimed theatre company led by Kas Darley and Mark Stevenson. They make playful and exciting immersive shows in unusual spaces. They tell stories in surprising ways – bringing Shakespeare to supermarkets, exploring The Odyssey on the streets of Deptford, or exposing the truth behind the British arms trade in public squares. Website


The Ballad Seller

Luke Wright

Luke WrightBack in Georgian times we got our news from poetry. Before papers, broadcasts or the internet, ballad sellers would hawk their doggerel on street corners for a penny. Scandalous affairs, grisly crimes, and colourful characters were brought to life in rhyming verse long before first tabloid was printed.

Now Luke Wright has rewritten the very best of these stories for the modern ear: take a trip through the Drury Lane gin shops with the Boxing Baroness; filch oysters by the dozen with Dando, the celebrated gormandiser; and peer inside the restless mind of a lonely itinerant ballad seller. Expect scandal, excess, and beautiful flawed humanity.

‘You will leave his show brimming with energy, heart pounding and brain whirring.’ – Guardian

Luke Wright is a spit and sawdust wordsmith. His poems are inventive and engaging, documenting 21st-century British life with wit, humanity, and panache. He is a Fringe First and Stage award winner and is the author of 8 books, and five albums of spoken word. Website

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