Meet the World: Translating Nature and Sacrifice

Tuesday 19 March
19.00 - 20.30

Join translators Sim Wai-chew, Daniel Eltringham and Nicky Harman as they explore the short stories and poetry of two writers heavily involved in guerrilla warfare.

In 1976, Hai Fan began his fight for the Malayan Communist Party and spent thirteen years in the rainforest near the Malaysia-Thai border. Around the same time, the guerrilla leader Mario Payeras founded the Guerrilla Army of the Poor in the rainforests of Guatemala. As their written works are translated into English, our panellists give an honest insight into the importance of retrieving histories and translating indigenous knowledge in contexts of struggle. What is the role of mythology and story in learning our place in nature?

This discussion will take place online. Register in advance to receive your streaming link.

This event is generously supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Meet the World: Singapore Season

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Daniel Eltringham is a writer, editor and translator based in Bristol, UK. He is writing a book about translations of Latin American guerrilla poetry from 1960–1990 into English. His prize-winning first book, Poetry & Commons: Postwar and Romantic Lyric in Times of Enclosure, is out with Liverpool University Press (2022). Recent poetry and (co)translations have appeared in PamenarFirmamentLudd GangRevista KokoroProtean and Cambridge Literary Review, as well as in two anthologies of poetry in translation: Poetry’s Geographies (Eulalia/Shearsman, 2022) and Temporary Archives (Arc, 2022). A chapbook of his translation of Alonso Quesada’s Scattered Ways was published by Free Poetry (Boise, 2019) and his poetry collection Cairn Almanac was published by Hesterglock Press (Bristol, 2017). With Leire Barrera-Medrano, he co-edits Girasol Press, a small publisher that explores handmade poetics and experimental translation. 


Nicky Harman is a freelance literary translator from Chinese. When not translating, she works on, a non-profit website promoting Chinese literature in translation. She also organizes translation-focused events, mentors new translators, teaches translation summer schools and judges translation competitions. In 2020, she won a Special Book Award of China. Her latest translation publications include The Shaanxi Opera, by Jia Pingwa, co-translated with Dylan Levi King (Amazon Crossing, 2023); Flight of the Bumblebee, by Huang Beijia (Balestier, 2023); The Sojourn Teashop, by Jia Pingwa, co-translated with Liu Jun (Sinoist Books, 2023); Dinner for Six, by Lu Min, co-translated with Helen Wang (Balestier, 2022); and Wake Me Up at Nine in the Morning, by A Yi (Oneworld, 2022). A complete list of her translations can be found here.  


Sim Wai-chew obtained his BA (Honours) from the University of East Anglia and his PhD from the University of Warwick. His work has appeared in Textual Practice, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture. His English translation of Singapore writer Joo-Ming Chia’s sinophone novel, Exile or Pursuit [放逐与追逐] was published by Balestier Press in 2019. During his virtual residency with NCW, Wai-chew is translating a short-story collection by Singapore writer Hai Fan, entitled A Track in the Wilderness [野径].