Journeys Through Time with Lynne Bryan

Saturday 16 March
National Centre for Writing at Dragon Hall
10.00 - 12.30
£ 45.00 - £35.00 conc

In this workshop, you’ll examine how to use time to manipulate interest, suspense, tension, and structure in your short stories and novels.

Managing the passing of time in a short story or novel is one of the key skills you need as a writer. You need to be able to lead your reader through an hour, day, week, year, or across decades in order to effectively tell your story. Nothing feels more disorientating when reading a book than turning a page and being unsure if you’re in the same day as the previous scene, or if you’ve moved forwards or backwards in time. 

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you’ll examine how short stories and novels use time. You’ll look at differences and similarities between the forms, and you’ll learn how to manage the passage of time in fiction. You’ll play with time to manipulate interest, suspense, tension, and structure in your short stories and novels. 

This workshop will be focussed around writing exercises and you’ll put into practise the tips and techniques you learn in this session. Participants are also encouraged to bring along a short extract from your own writing that you feel handles the passage of time successfully.

Lynne Bryan

Lynne Bryan is the author of a short story collection, Envy At The Cheese Handout (published by Faber & Faber), and the novels Gorgeous and Like Rabbits (Sceptre). She has co-edited six anthologies of short prose, and her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and her story – A Regular Thing – was made into an award-winning Danish short film. Her memoir Iron Man (Salt) won Book of The Year in The East Anglian Book Awards, 2022. Lynne has taught creative writing for the Arvon Foundation, Norwich University of the Arts and the University of East Anglia amongst others. She was the co-ordinator of UEA’s summer school for teachers who teach creative writing and, for many years, helped run Words And Women, a literary organisation which supported women writers in the East of England.

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