Live performance

European Poetry Festival Tour 2024

Thursday 4 July
National Centre for Writing at Dragon Hall
19.30 - 20.30
£ 6.00 - £10.00 (pay what you wish)

In its seventh year, the European Poetry Festival returns to Dragon Hall, curated by SJ Fowler!

An event celebrating literary poetry, avant-garde performance and the potentials of collaboration, pairing some of the finest poets of the thriving Norwich poetry scene alongside writers visiting from across Europe, over a dozen poets will present new works made for the night, spanning languages, literatures and the European continent.

New poems and performances by

  • Thor Magnus Tangerås and George Szirtes
  • Helen Ivory and Agnieszka Studzinka
  • Ane Thon Knutsen and Sam Jordison
  • Ondřej Macl and Cat Woodward
  • Philip Terry and Doug Jones
  • Tim Postovit and Matt Sokulsky
  • Ko Ko Thett and Adrian Tissier
  • Anna Reckin and Nicola Simpson


In partnership with European Poetry Festival