Develop Your Creative Non-Fiction: Landscape & Place (Intermediate)

Monday 23 September
£ 995.00

Join Dan Richards for an 18-week in-depth online creative non-fiction course, designed in partnership with UEA.

Do you want to take your creative non-fiction writing to the next level?


Join Dan Richards, author of five works of creative non-fiction including HollowayClimbing Days and Outpost for an 18-week in-depth online creative writing course. This intermediate course builds on the expertise acquired at an introductory level and has a focus on using place and locations in creative non-fiction.

This eighteen-week course is ideal for people who have already started their fiction writing journey. You will be someone who writes regularly, and you’ll likely be working on a longer project. Your tutor will read up to 4,500 words of your writing, and towards the end of the course you will have a one-to-one tutorial with him to discuss your writing and potential next steps.

Start date

Monday 23 September





18 weeks (please see course schedule below)




What this course covers


  • How to challenge the boundaries of creative non-fiction
  • How to analyse and interrogate the spaces around you
  • The importance of place and setting in creative non-fiction
  • Physical journeys, and how to capture these in your writing
  • Locations, and their importance to the narrative you are shaping.
Online course

Course programme

Module one – What is Creative Nonfiction
In this module, you’ll define exactly what creative non-fiction is and what it isn’t, and you’ll have a look at some different examples of creative nonfiction. You’ll also take a first look into reportage, on which your first assignment will be due, and you’ll also listen to the way audio-only programmes use creative non-fiction.

Module two – Landscape
In this module, you will explore the non-fiction need to be holistic and open to new ideas and voices when seeking to write and tell stories about the world. You will focus on the locations around you to begin with, and their importance to the narrative you are shaping. You will learn to dive deeper than the surface of your surroundings to analyse and interrogate the spaces around you. For your assignment, you’ll describe looking at a familiar place through different eyes and will take a walk around an area you know well but at an unusual time.

Module three – The Essay
This module focuses on writing in a honed, clear, and concise manner whilst also telling a story and forming a connection between your reader and the people and places you are writing about. You’ll read and write short essays that evoke deep emotional responses, and you’ll listen to audio broadcasts that challenge the boundaries of creative non-fiction. Your assignment will ask you to both read and record your own essay. Your feedback for this assignment will come in the form of a 1-2-1 tutorial with your tutor.

Module four – Nature Writing
In this module you’ll focus on the world around you, turning the living breathing creatures and landscapes into words on a page. You’ll begin this module with a group session on zoom, you’ll read examples of some of the best nature writing, and for your assignment, you’ll observe an aspect of nature over the course of a week.

Module five – Travel
This module will ask you to write about physical journeys. Whether you’re a travel writer or not, your pathway through non-fiction will very likely include a journey to a destination, and through this module, you will capture that journey in writing. You’ll write about books or objects that have led you on physical journeys and your assignment will ask you to write about a journey you took long ago.

Module six – The Body
This final module will tackle the place you live all the time – within your own body. You’ll explore the thorny world of research and you’ll find yourself within the bodies of others through your reading. The module will draw together everything you’ve learned about writing creative non-fiction and place, and your final, longer, assignment will allow you to write up to 2,000 words on a subject of your choice. Your feedback for this assignment will also take the form of a 1-1 tutorial with your tutor.


Live sessions

There will be two live sessions for this course, which will take place over Zoom.

Zoom one: Wednesday 25 September, 6-7pm BST

Zoom two: Bookable one-to-ones on w/c Monday 25 November

I have really enjoyed this course. The materials were excellent and the tutor feedback was so helpful. I feel I have learned such a lot and my writing has definitely improved as a result. I would really recommend this course to others.

Lisa Tippings

Why study with National Centre for Writing?

National Centre for Writing has been supporting writers to develop their craft for over 25 years. Our online tutored courses are developed in partnership with University of East Anglia, home to the prestigious School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, which boasts award-winning alumni including Kazuo Ishiguro, Ian McEwan and Anne Enright. Our course tutors are all published writers, many of whom have studied or taught at UEA themselves.


While there are many online courses available to you across the world, ours are unique in offering:

  • One-to-one feedback on up to six assignments, directly from your course tutor
  • A tailored learning experience with 15 students maximum
  • Flexibility to progress through the course anywhere, any time
  • Support and structure to develop a writing routine
  • Skills and knowledge to improve the craft of writing
  • Confidence in your ability as a writer
  • Opportunity to join our NCW Alumni, an international network of like-minded writers and translators.

Meet the tutor

Dan Richards


Dan Richards is a writer and journalist who specialises in travel, memoir, and culture. His first book, Holloway, co-authored with Robert Macfarlane & Stanley Donwood, was a Sunday Times Bestseller. Overnight – an exploration of nocturnal operations which replenish, repair and protect the world whilst most of us are asleep – is set to be published in 2024. He has written for newspapers and magazines including the GuardianEconomistMonocle, and Telegraph.

Dan has taught at Bristol University, and currently tutors at NCW Academy, Moniack Mhor, and Arvon Foundation. He is an established chair and speaker at Edinburgh International Book Festival, Hay-on-Wye, and many others around the UK.

Dan was exceptional. It felt like a privilege to have direct and detailed feedback from him, and it was a key ingredient of the learning.

Catherine Ward

How does this course work?

We have partnered with digital learning platform Teachable to host our self-paced courses. The platform is accessible across a range of devices, simple to use, and does not require any specialist equipment.

We want to make sure that you get the most out of our tutored online courses and feel confident that you’re choosing the right course. Each course contains a mixture of teaching content, reading to prompt discussion, writing exercises for you to hone your skills, and group and one-to-one feedback.

Click to read more about how they are structured and what equipment you may need.

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