‘After a six month hiatus following the end of Escalator, I started from the beginning again and completed my first finished draft in August 2014. I then submitted it to a couple of agents and was signed immediately to one of them’ – K.J. Packer, Escalator 2011

Escalator alumni shelf

‘Afrika Reich did really well in hardback, selling more than 10,000 copies which makes me the 11th best selling debut of 2011. It also reached number three in Spain’s charts […] All in all, not bad for a book which the majority of publishers in this country said had no commercial appeal!’ – Guy Saville, Escalator 2007

Escalator 2019


Mike Allen, Anni Domingo, Sam Hacking, Daniel Hickey, Rob Perry, Jon Ransom, Hannah Redding, Kellee Rich, Emily Slade and Tony Warner.

Escalator 2017 – 18


Terri Armstrong, Dane Buckley, Sarah Courtauld, Sally Craythorne, Alex Ivey, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Ellie Khojinian, Owen Nicholls, Rebecca Sollom and Sunitha Webster.

Escalator 2016-2017


Lynsey Calderwood, Hazel Compton, Salli Hepworth-Smith, Linden Hibbert, Richard Lambert, Thomas Lincoln, Sally-Anne Lomas, Kate Mackay, Margaret Meyer, Emma Vandore

IdeasTap Inspires 2014-2015


Jonnie Bayfield, Ed Cottrell, Michael Donkor, Lindsey Fairweather, Maria Hummer, Alex Scarlett Mullen, Pooja Puri, Stephanie Scott , Natasha Sutton-Williams, Lauren Van Schaik Smith

Ones to Watch: Natasha Sutton-Williams (Hiive)

Escalator 2012-2013


Megan Bradbury, Jonathan Curran, Sue Healy, Kyra Karmiloff, Ian Madden, Mary Nathan, Meghan Purvis, Linda Spurr, Lynsey White, L.E. Yates

Commended Writers

Jan Casey, Tim Clare, Alex Crisp

Escalator 2011-2012


Rebecca Atkinson, Elaine Bishop, Armando Celayo, Guinevere Glasfurd-Brown, BTI Larsson, K.J. Packer, Teresa Rogers, Erin Soros, Shereen Tadros, Kate Worsley

Escalator 2010-2011


Geraldine Clarkson, Maitreyabandhu, Frank Newsum, Eileen Pun, Sarah Roby, Tom Warner

Highly commended

Helen Mort, Edward Mackay, Rachel Rooney

Escalator 2009-2010


Deborah Arnander, Gillian Daly, Belona Greenwood, Robert Mason, Sarah-Jane Page, Dave Pescod, Linda Randall, Sarah Ridgard, Kate Swindlehurst, Martin Ungless

Highly Commended

Sally Alexander, Emma Rhind-Tutt, Ashely Stokes