Mentorship Alumni

2017/18 Mentorships

The winners of the 2017/18 Emerging Translator Mentorship Programme were:

  • Arabic – Mona Kareem (Brooklyn). Mentor: Paul Starkey.
  • Catalan – Iain Robinson (Barcelona). Mentor: Peter Bush.
  • Greek – Joshua Barley (Athens). Mentor: David Connolly.
  • Korean [funded by the Literary Translation Institute of Korea] – Erica Chung (Brooklyn). Mentor: Deborah Smith.
  • Latin American Spanish – Ellen Jones (London). Mentor: Samantha Schnee.
  • Latvian [funded by Latvian Literature] – Mārta Ziemelis (Toronto). Mentor: Daniel Hahn.
  • Lithuanian [funded by the Lithuanian Culture Institute] – Erika Lastovskyte (Oxford). Mentor: Shaun Whiteside.
  • Malayalam – Aswathy Senan (Delhi). Mentor: J Devika.
  • Norwegian 1 [2 x funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy] – Bruce Thomson (Norfolk). Mentor: Don Bartlett.
  • Norwegian 2 – Alison McCullough (Stavanger). Mentor: Kari Dickson.
  • Polish [funded by the Polish Cultural Institute] – Zosia Krasodomska-Jones (Cambridge). Mentor: Antonia Lloyd-Jones.
  • Tamil – Suchitra Ramachandran (Basel). Mentors: Subashree Krishnaswamy and Dilip Kumar.

The winners were matched up with experienced translators  for a six-month period during which they worked together on practical translation projects, developing their craft through working on a chosen text or texts. The mentor acted as an adviser to the mentee on aspects of life as a professional translator; such as time management, meeting deadlines, managing finances and understanding contracts, and as an advocate for their mentee with publishers in search of literary translators.

2016/17 Mentorships

The winners of the 2017/18 Emerging Translator Mentorship Programme were announced at the British Library on Friday 30 September as part of International Translation Day:

  • Arabic – Francisca McNeill. Mentor: Paul Starkey.
  • Bengali – Somrita Ganguly. Mentor: Arunava Sinha.
  • Catalan – Jennifer Arnold. Mentor: Peter Bush.
  • Finland Swedish – Kate Lambert. Mentor: Sarah Death.
  • Hindi – Agnel Joseph. Mentor: Jason Grunebaum.
  • Norwegian [in conjunction with the Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize) – Marta Eidsvåg. Mentor: Don Bartlett.
  • Polish – Scotia Gilroy. Mentor: Antonia Lloyd-Jones.
  • Russian Drama – Yelena Karl. Mentor: Sasha Dugdale.

Below you can read the results of their work together.