2017 Mentorships

The winners of the 2017 Emerging Translator Mentorship Programme were announced at the British Library on Friday 30 September as part of International Translation Day:

  • Jennifer Arnold (Catalan) – paired with mentor Peter Bush
  • Marta Eidsvåg (Norwegian) – paired with mentor Don Bartlett (in conjunctionwith the Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize)
  • Francisca McNeill (Arabic) – paired with mentor Paul Starkey
  • Somrita Ganguly (Bengali) – paired with mentor Arunava Sinha
  • Scotia Gilroy (Polish) – paired with mentor Antonia Lloyd-Jones
  • Agnel Joseph (Hindi) – paired with mentor Jason Grunebaum
  • Yelena Karl (Russian Drama) – paired with mentor Sasha Dugdale
  • Kate Lambert (Finland Swedish) – paired with mentor Sarah Death.

The winners were matched up with experienced translators  for a six-month period during which they worked together on practical translation projects, developing their craft through working on a chosen text or texts. The mentor acted as an adviser to the mentee on aspects of life as a professional translator; such as time management, meeting deadlines, managing finances and understanding contracts, and as an advocate for their mentee with publishers in search of literary translators.

Below you can read the results of their work together.


* Norwegian is offered in conjunction with the Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize, and necessitates different rules Please visit their website  for further details.

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