The first round of the programme in 2020-21 will be offered to 20 developing cultural leaders or senior managers living or working in Norfolk or Suffolk.

To be eligible for the programme, you must be:

  • A developing cultural leader or senior manager (employed or freelance) with 5+ years’ experience of strategic development, initiating innovative projects and leading partnerships in the arts, culture, museums, libraries, Higher Education or public sector*
  • Living or working in the local authority areas of Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Be committed to taking part in a significant period of directed and self-directed learning in order to strengthen and develop their individual leadership practice

There is a significant lack of diversity within cultural leadership nationally and regionally. To ensure the long-term sustainability of cultural leadership we welcome applications which represent our region in terms of ethnicity, disability, gender and socio-economic background.

The second round of the programme will be announced in early 2021, focusing on emerging and early career leaders who have up to five years’ experience.

*Example job titles for applicants working in organisations could include Head of Communications, Museums Visitor Manager, General Manager in a theatre, Local Authority Arts and Events Manager, Library Manager, Programme Director, Finance Director, Head of Fundraising, Head of Learning & Participation. For freelance applicants, you may have a portfolio career which includes several strands of work. You may be an Artist Educator, Artist Practitioner, Theatre Director, Creative Producer, Community Artist, Performer, Events Manager, Festival Manager. This is not an exhaustive list – you may have a relevant role which differs from these.


Leadership Qualities and Attributes

When shortlisting and selecting participants for the CPC programme we are looking for a combination of existing leadership experience and leadership potential. We are interested in existing experience and the potential for personal growth in the following areas.

When preparing your application please read the following list and consider how you can communicate your skills or experience in these areas. We do not expect you to have experience of everything on the list.

Accountability Who are you accountable to and in what way?

What types of reporting do you do?

What would you like to be accountable for?

Agency What level of agency do you have within your professional life?

How do you use that agency for the benefit of the organisation / project you are working on?

Autonomy How do you use your autonomy to effect positive change for others (your team, your audiences or participants, your partners) for your organisation or within your projects?
Collaboration What is your approach to collaboration?

How do you use collaboration to create benefits from audiences and participants and/or sector change?

Delegation How do you use delegation within your role and what are the benefits?
Responsibility What responsibilities sit solely with you and how do you manage them?