CPC+ Senior Leaders

What is Collaboration: Place: Change+

Collaboration: Place: Change+ (CPC+) is a specifically designed online programme offering 16 senior leaders in Norfolk and Suffolk the opportunity to work together, through and beyond the current crisis of Covid19.

The challenges, opportunities and obligations of leadership in the arts and culture sector have been disrupted and reconfigured in ways we could not have predicted. Based on the principles of collaborative learning, the group will share issues arising from the fundamental challenge to vision and mission. They will work together to create change for audiences and communities in the arts and culture.

The programme consists of a series of facilitated sessions (July – December 2020) which are aimed at providing a supportive and collaborative learning space. 

Meet our CPC+ cohort:

  • Daniel Brine (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)
  • Emma Butler Smith (Marina Theatre Trust)
  • Owen Calvert-Lyons (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds)
  • Alex Casey (Suffolk Artlink)
  • Genevieve Christie (First Light Festival)
  • Michael Corley (Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge)
  • Jane Cox (John Peel Centre for Creative Arts)
  • Wendy Ellis (Norwich Theatre)
  • Chris Gribble (National Centre for Writing)
  • Xenia Horne (Freelance Arts Practitioner)
  • Natalie Jode (Creative Arts East)
  • Rebecca Moore (Freshly Greated)
  • Marcus Patteson (NORCA & SISTEMA in Norwich)
  • Adam Taylor (The Garage Trust)
  • Alyson Tipping (Eastern Angles Theatre Company)