Do you want to make a career as a writer? Interested in writing for a smartphone fitness game with 1 million players, over 40 million km logged online, and 200+ epic missions? This one’s for you…

Novelist and games designer, Naomi Alderman, is looking for an early-career writer to train in writing for the award-winning game Zombies, Run!, which she co-created with Six to Start. About to start its ninth season; ‘Zombies, Run!’ is known for its excellence in storytelling and has attracted guest writers including Elizabeth Bear, Margaret Atwood and Joanne Harris.

In addition to a paid fee of £2,000, the successful applicant will receive 25 days of extensive training in story lining, editing, and dialogue as well as gain invaluable experience in practicing and receiving feedback on: writing episode and radio scripts, brainstorming story arcs, rewriting after constructive critical feedback on your writing, and giving critique on other people’s scripts.

Entry requirements…

  • You’re over 18
  • You can write
  • You can work to deadlines
  • You can take and give useful criticism

If all of those things sound like you – apply now! Full details can be found here. Deadline for applications is 5pm on 12th August.

It is important to note that you must be able to commit to 10 weekdays across your 4-6 month training period in Autumn and Winter 2019 to attend sessions in London and potentially elsewhere in the UK. If you impress, there is the chance that you will be kept on as a part of the writing team. Erin Roberts shares her experience of writing for ‘Zombies run!’ >>

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