Icelandic writer Valur Gunnarsson joins Sarah Bower to discuss his work, with a focus on alternate histories. He is best known as a writer of creative historical fiction; his first novel was a Viking fantasy and his third an alternative history where the Germans invade Iceland in World War II. Meanwhile, his second novel was a piece of autofiction set in the aftermath of the economic collapse of 2008. His fourth book, Bjarmalönd, is set in the former Soviet Union. He also co-founded Grapevine magazine and has made three albums and a poetry book.

Valur was in town virtually as part of our Imagining the City residencies, which you can find out about here:

Meanwhile, Simon and Steph get over-excited about recording the first podcast IN DRAGON HALL since March 2020. While some Covid-19 rules remain in place, this week marks the first public event held in the building since the start of lockdown. As such, the centre is a hive of activity – as you’ll hear in the background of this episode.

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Hosted by Simon Jones and Steph McKenna

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