If history is written by the victors, who writes the stories when there are no clear winners and each element of our society seems set against every other?

Our UNESCO City of Literature programme for 2017 holds up the post-truth world – its revolutionaries, heroes and charlatans – to the light and examines the shadows it casts on our understanding.

We have new work from Siddartha Bose to mark the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence, our fifth Harriet Martineau Lecture on campaigning journalism around the world, and an event from eminent historian Robert Service on the impact in Russia of the revolution 100 years ago.

The programme looks at revolutions in art, identity, sexuality, and technology with Caroline Criado PerezEimear McBride and Mark O’Connell, as well as more personal moments of radical change with Max Porter, Cathy Rentzenbrink, Madeleine Thien and more. There’s a retrospective on the visionary thinker and writer John Berger, and outstanding new work from Jon McGregor and Tim Winton. What’s more, our revolutionary genre-bending Story Machine returns with new tales to tell.

Revolutions can bring with them new ways to see the world, I hope you can join us to take a look at our future.

Chris Gribble

Chief Executive, Writers’ Centre Norwich

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