O Juyeong will be joining us in Norwich for three months, with support from the Arts Council Korea .

Juyeong made her literary debut in 2009, winning the Changbi Publishers 13th annual Good Children’s Book Prize for Strange Keyring, a collection of short fiction. She wrote A Mouthful of Honey Rice Cake, Magic Rice Cake (2012), The Giant’s Favourite Flavour (2015) and a collection of co-written short stories for children titled No One Understands Me (2015). Juyeong also won the newcomer award for children’s literature criticism in the 10th Prooni Books Prooni Literature Awards in 2012, and in 2015 she was awarded an outstanding book prize by the Korea Children’s Literature Association. Juyeong was selected for writing support by the Arts Council Korea as a ‘writer to look out for in 2015.’