Bought your ticket to The Story Machine: Under Surveillance? The literature event of 2017 takes place this week – spanning five chapters, eight stories and 18 potential journeys for you to take.

Read the stories beforehand, browse the themed drinks available at the bar and be prepared to participate!

‘City of Spectres’ – Bandi, translated by Deborah Smith

It is National Day. State surveillance is everywhere. A mother tries to protect her child amidst the all-pervasive propaganda that is fast becoming the very stuff of her child’s nightmares. Some audience participation.

Main Hall (Chapter 1)
Drink suggestion: Soju
Presented by: Kate Cox,  Vanessa Maguire, Elisabeth Stothers
Voice-over: Joanna Swan. Director:  Adina Levay

‘Rehearsal Room’ – KJ Orr

A stranger sweeps the floor of a rehearsal space. He sweeps with such love that the company find themselves watching him, enraptured. He sweeps with such love that they come to depend upon his sweeping for their rehearsals. Until one day it starts to unravel…

Main Hall (Chapter 2)
Drink suggestion: Sparkling water, soft drink, lemonade,or G&T
Presented by: KJ Orr

‘The Quiet’ – Carys Davies

In a remote settlement a young wife with an untellable secret is visited by her neighbour.  A brilliant, physical and tense tale about seeing and being seen, accompanied by the premier of a newly commissioned dance piece.

Car Park (Chapters 2 & 3)
Drink suggestion: Tea or iced tea
Limited capacity: 50 per showing
Presented by: Sarah Butler and Matthew Winston.  Voice-over: Duncan Joseph and Jo Swan
Directors: Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill

‘Fugue’ – Thomas Morris

A young woman returns to Caerphilly to visit her parents. Confronted with people who no longer mean anything to her, unsure what she is doing with her life, she heads for a drink in the local. Adult language. Some audience participation.

Upstairs (Chapters 2 & 4)
Limited capacity: 50 per showing
Drink suggestion: Beer/lager/wine
Presented by: Charli Corrigan and Ruth Dennis. Directed by: Ollie McFadden

‘Men Without Women’ – Haruki Murakami

In the dead of night, a man receives a call informing him that his ex-girlfriend has died. So begins a tale of quiet longing and yearning loneliness, infused with Murakami’s inimitable style and familiar musical references. Presented as a sound piece through headphones.

Main Hall (Chapter 3)
Drink suggestion: Smokey whisky/quality red wine
Recorded by: Matt Ferrick

‘Written in the Skin’ – Miriam Gamble, Melissa Lee-Houghton, William Letford, Andrew McMillan and Heidi Williamson

A conversation about our bodies, exploring the miraculous, mundane, and murky things we do with them. Featuring poetry by Miriam Gamble, Melissa Lee-Houghton, William Letford,  Andrew McMillan and Heidi Williamson. Adult content.

Upstairs (Chapter 3) and Car park (Chapter 4)
Limited Capacity: 50 per showing
Drink suggestion:  Anything your body craves. Listen to it. Give it what it needs.
Presented by: Melissa Lee-Houghton and William Letford

‘Bad Dreams’ – Tessa Hadley

A child awakes in the night and explores the familiar rooms of her home, strange now in the dark. Her mother wakes later to find the house transformed. Ordinary things turn out to be extraordinary in this tale of what happens when the world is asleep.

Main Hall (Chapter 4)
Drink suggestion: Black coffee or Black Russian cocktail
Presented by: Joanna Swan

‘Don Quixote and the Ambiguity of Reading’ – Ben Okri

‘When he came into the printing workshop, we thought he was drunk. He had come to see for himself the machine that multiplies realities. He came in with his machete drawn.’ Don Quixote: lunatic, legend, epic adventurer of the world, comes face to face with his own myth in this absurd tale of ego and who tells our stories.

Main Hall (Chapter 5)
Drink suggestions: Tequilla, sangria, palm wine
Presented by: Colin Hurley, Gareth Armstrong and Emily Houghton

Download the full Story Machine programme here. Copies will be handed out on the night