We’re 100 episodes old! To celebrate, Simon and Steph indulgently look back on The Writing Life show and pick out their favourite episodes, which turns out to be an almost impossible task.

You’re not going to find a podcast anywhere else that combines Val McDermid, Jenny Offill, Joe Dunthorne, Jon Ingold, Kelsey Beachum, Ed Parnell, Ian Nettleton, Sian Cain and Joe Hedinger.

National Centre for Writing · #100 Simon & Steph’s Favourite Episodes

Links to the episodes mentioned:

Episode #84 – Jenny Offill talks to Joe Dunthorne

Episode #73 – Structuring a non-fiction book

Episode #57 – Val McDermid & Sian Cain on the publishing landscape for LGBTQI+ writers

Episode #51 – The writing challenges of Outer Wilds

Episode #41 – Life of a bookseller

Episode #33 – How to write interactive narratives for games

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